Perspective, priority

Tom tomwhore at
Fri Jan 16 12:27:34 PST 2004

On Fri, 16 Jan 2004, Luis Villa wrote:

--]mind, it demonstrates a world view that we should do our best to
--]counter, and I do wish there were something we could do to bring those
--]people back. But yeah, a sense of humor and a big sense of perspective
--]is something we as a nation don't have ATM, both of which are a shame.

Ya know what I find a real and tangiable shame? Not having a release of
Dashboard I can install on my gear.

Serious, whats a user gotta do for a dashboard dance?

(and yeah, I know its doable wit the cvs and mono installs et al and there
is even some little .debys out there to make my debina luving ass
happier...I know I know but I still yearn for the day when its all flowing
in the apt-get methods...

"gimme some suga, I am your neighbor")

As to this whole thread.. they are dead, it sucks beyond words, folks use
things like this for thier own purposes...cavet emptor.

Much luv to the ximian crew and no disrespect ment, only in luv

Now back to work luis:)-

-tom(all aboard the cluechains)wsmf

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