Bin Laden Comes Clean, War On Terror Continues

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Sat Jan 17 07:09:02 PST 2004

<Pike said any UAVs Iraq might have had would have had a range of only
several hundred kilometers, enough to hit targets in the Middle East but not
the United States. To hit targets on the East Coast, such drones would have
to be launched from a ship in Atlantic. He said it wasn't out of the
question for Iraq to have secretly acquired a tramp steamer from which such
vehicles could have been launched.>

didn't you get that nelson's attacking the flagrancy of the lies, not the
veracity of bush's statements?

besides haiku

exclusively dumb?
nix - reps who bought the *wmd*
story are legion.

hey, joe, what're ya doing with that gin in your hand?

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> Nelson said the senators were told Iraq had both biological and
> chemical weapons, notably anthrax, and it could deliver them to cities
> along the Eastern seaboard via unmanned aerial vehicles, commonly
> known as drones.

Holy shit!  These Senator-types sure are dumb.  THAT doesn't even pass
the sniff test.  Iraq has never had ICBMs, all they've ever had are the
SCUD (and worse) missiles.  WHERE WOULD YOU GET AN ICBM? FRY's
ELECTRONICS?  (Hint:  you can't.  After all, Fry's won't take AMEX).

Oh, so the Bush pilots realize the critical flaw in that logic so
Rumsfeld backpaddles and says "(well, you could put them on a plane)."
Okay, so does Iraq have any aircraft with enough range to get to the
US.  Uhm... [ahem] NO FUCKING WAY!  The United States Air Force only
has a few very select aircraft that can get TO Iraq from sovereign US
territory without two or more refueling interludes.

Any Senator that bought into THAT bullshit should be fired him/herself.
  Nelson is clearly mentally handicapped and should be removed from
office on two counts:

1)  being stupid enough to be fooled by GEORGE W. BUSH.
2)  being stupid enough to expose his own stupidity to FLORIDA TODAY.

Sorry for all the yelling.  This is probably the most asinine among a
long list of lunacy coming from this whole farce of a war.

Drone aircraft my ass.


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