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how about the spontaneous applause from the democrats when bush announced
the patriot act would expire in a year?! 8-) he should think before he
pauses for effect. his next line, "but terrorism won't," drew answering
applause from republicans. (talk about weird - cheering that terrorism won't
expire?) the applause was, of course, a little premature. it was supposed to
have come after bush reassured everyone that the patriot act would be
renewed. and it did: the repubs actually CHEERED - but after celebrating the
*resiliancy* of terrorism it came off as ... how do i say ...
uncomprehendingly reflexive.

(i like clark, but he's already pissing off the press.  did you see him with
tom brokaw?  S C A R Y stuff.)

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I love the fact that even some of the spin-meisters on Faux are
atypically circumspect about the content, substance, and effect of his
speech.  And they're being pretty blunt noted how defensive and
political and tactical it was.  When even the cheerleaders are (albeit
subtly) grousing and realistically critical...

Bush's goose is cooked.

8-ball says "signs point to yes."


As a default-Republican by nature, I couldn't agree more with John Robb:


"Isn't it funny (maybe not) how the roles of Republicans and Democrats
have shifted over the past 30 years.   The aspects of the Republican
party that attracted me to them years ago are gone, and they have
[been] subsumed by the Dems.  For example:

     * Fiscal responsibility.
     * A non-interventionist foreign policy.
     * Personal rights.

"Republicans have failed on all of these counts.  They are profligate
spenders, able to send troops to all corners of the world on a whim,
and ready to turn us into a police state.  There is nothing left of the
Republican party."


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