[FoRK] The Problem with "Libruhls"

jbone at place.org jbone at place.org
Mon Feb 9 11:14:56 PST 2004

Lucas says:

"Conservatism is held together by the common belief that beating people
up has intrinsic value, that's it's worth doing for its own sake, and
that every day should bring a new scapegoat.  If there are no murderers
find a robber, and if there are no robbers find a nose picker, but find


One of the best contrasts of "conservative" (using that term loosely to 
mean the self-identified "core values" crowd, not an identifiable and 
rational position on economics) and "liberal" I've ever heard went 
something like:  "conservatives" believe in social exclusivity;  the 
social network is as small as possible and the barriers to entry as 
great as possible.  "Liberals" believe in social inclusivity;  the 
social network is as large and permeable as possible.

Another great point I've heard made is that "conservatives" are 
past-focused ("remember the Good Old Days;  things have sure gone down 
the toilet since then" etc.) and change-averse (when that change is 
anything other than retrograde) while "liberals" are future-focused and 

I don't know how useful any of this is --- freakin' labels --- but all 
of the above sure does resonate well with the intuitive sense of what 
is meant when somebody applies one of these labels.


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