[FoRK] Re: identity-based encryption

Tyler Close list at waterken.net
Mon Feb 9 21:51:05 PST 2004

On Mon February 9 2004 08:07 am, Meltsner, Kenneth wrote:
> Interesting stuff,

No, it's not. It's ridiculous. It is a repetition of the same
mistakes that were made in the conception of the PKI. A global,
human-memorable namespace is inherently insecure. Such a namespace
puts the act of recognition in the hands of the attacker. You
can't expect secure collaboration when the attacker gets to tell
you who you should think he is. A global namespace means that the
name used to refer is the same as the name used to recognize. It's
an age old way to trick a human.  Secure collaboration between
humans requires local namespaces. See:



The union of REST and capability-based security.

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