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Even the librarians are shaking in their boots. Tee-hee...

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Please excuse duplicate posting.

The New York Times reports today on outsourcing:

Reuters is going a step further. It told its editorial employees in an
electronic posting late last week that it planned to hire six journalists
in Bangalore, India, to do basic financial reporting on 3,000 small to
medium-size American companies...

The reporters in Bangalore will mostly be responsible for extracting basic
financial information from company news releases and quarterly earnings
reports. Tasks like interviewing a company president, talking to analysts
and covering breaking news, will continue to be done by more experienced
journalists working in the countries where those companies operate, Mr.
Schlesinger said.

While the pilot project is intentionally modest, it is related to a much
larger effort, announced by Reuters late last year, that will send about
200 of its data-entry jobs to Bangalore from England and the United States.

(I came upon this through Nathan Newman's blog
<http://www.nathannewman.org/log/archives/001522.shtml#001522>; the NY
Times article is at
<http://www.nytimes.com/2004/02/09/business/media/09reuters.html> -- access
is free but registration may be required).

A couple of months ago the use of outsourcing from U.S. hospitals to
diagnostic Radiologists in India was in the news.  Now journalists.

Can foreign outsourcing of library reference services be far behind? (To be
sure there are issues about access to online resources, but those could be
taken care of by fairly simple technical fixes such as extending license
agreements to cover a small number of overseas librarians...)

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