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Wed Feb 11 09:58:42 PST 2004

"Bush is regaining popularity."  I heard this over the weekend, didn't  
believe it;  so I did a search of Google news.  [1] Didn't find  
anything directly relevant, but a more general query [2] resulted in  
this rather circumspect exploration of the topic:



Pillow Talk: Jessie Gardner
February 11, 2004

Designer Vaginas

Art is everywhere. From famous paintings and musical masterpieces all  
the way down to the way you trim and style your hair. And yes, I mean  
both hairstyles.

Your hairstyle defines who you are. You can tell a lot about a person  
by the shape of the cut, the dye job and whether it's precisely trimmed  
and kept neat or free to let nature take its course and grow wild.

Personal grooming habits have become a major issue these days. So with  
the prevalence of stylized pubic haircuts, men and women everywhere are  
expected to maintain the bushes growing down there as much as ordinary  
citizens are expected to maintain the bushes in their front yards.

Many prefer to leave it alone -- untamed, bushy and beautiful. Others  
spend time carefully shaping it until it takes on its own identity. The  
heart-shaped box, stars, lightning bolts, the bald eagle and of course  
the popular "landing strip" are just a few of the styles today. Some  
people even go as far as shaving their partner's initials - talk about  
marking your territory.

There are pros and cons to every style. Letting your pubic hair grow  
wild means not having to keep up with grooming, but you'll gross  
everyone out when they see your little dark hairs peeking out the sides  
of your bikini or spreading down your thighs. And not only that, your  
boyfriend or girlfriend will be picking it out of their teeth during  
oral sex. Yuck. I can't even stand stray hairs in my shower, let alone  
having one stuck in my throat.

Somehow, the men in my life have seem to have a major influence on my  
designer vagina. It seems like I've been mowing ever since the grass  
began growing. But since I love pleasing my men, I've adjusted to a  
number of styles throughout the years. I used to shave the way, but  
have become too lazy to keep it up, so now I spend $80 a month having  
someone else wax and groom it -- but for what? Definitely not for art's  

Whatever design you choose to wax, tweeze, clip or shape into, you'll  
look and feel sexy. So pave away if you think the few smooth days are  
worth the razor burn, ingrown hairs, itchiness and stubble you'll get  
while it grows back.
Jessie can be reached at sexcolumnist at orion-online.net



[2] http://news.google.com/news?hl=en&edition=us&q=pubic+hair

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