[FoRK] SGI Challenge XL Fund Raiser Ebay Auction

Tom tomwhore at slack.net
Wed Feb 11 16:11:26 PST 2004

I think I found the perfect wedding gift for the Rho man:)-

                    Personal Telco Project Fund Raiser Item

     Here is your chance to help out the Personal Telco Project in its goal
        to cover the city of Portland Oregon with Free Wireless Internet
                   Connectivity. http://www.personaltelco.net

     We are in the middle of a Fund Raising drive to capture a bunch of
     Matching Funds put up by various concerns. We need to raise as much as
     we can as fast as we can. This means you win two ways.
     * First, we are offering up some rare and amazingly geekly artifacts
       for rock bottom prices.
     * Second, you are helping the Personal Telco Project raise some cash
       in order to continue its goals to make Portland Oregon a completely
       Free Wirelessly Network Zone.
       The item up for bid is a monster of a computer, its a 400 pound SGI
       Challenge XL that we have come to know and love. You are bidding to
       buy it as is.
       If you want to take ownership of it you must arrange for shipping
       and handling it. Please read that again.
       If you win the auction do not want to take ownership we will arrange
       to take pictures of the PTP crew with it holding a banner with your
       name and create a custom web for you so that you can show the world
       that yes indeed you 0wned a SGI Challenge XL and you helped out the
       Think about it folks, you can have some pretty large bragging rights
       with this one. Want to end the endless debates over whose machine is
       the most bad ass?
       Get ready folks, here are the specs on this sexy beast of a
     * 15 proc 180Mhz MIPS R4400
     * 512MB Main Memory
     * 2 X DAS FDDI interfaces
     * 1 X Prisa Fiber Channel controller
     * Various Fast Wide Differential SCSI Controllers
     * 1 X Single Eneded SCSI Controller
     * Standard Built In Parallel, Serial and 10bT
     * Internal Drive Bays, can support 20 Fast Wide
     * Differential Drives
     * Dim: 48x27x63
     * Weight: est 400lbs

       So dig into to those pockets. You know you want this and you know
       you want to help the PTP. (www.personaltelco.net)


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