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Wed Feb 11 22:39:22 PST 2004


> Ginger' inventor writes his own rules
> By Matt Moyer, AP
> Dean Kamen, inventor of the mysterious technology known only as 
> 'Ginger,' spends much of his time trying to get children interested in 
> science.
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> NEW YORK (AP) ? Dean Kamen is not a man who believes in the power of 
> "no." In the mid-1980s, Kamen bought North Dumpling Island ? three 
> acres off Connecticut, uninhabited aside from Kamen himself. He 
> declared the island's independence (the declaration has no force of 
> law), developed his own currency (the Dumpling) and signed a 
> nonaggression pact with New Hampshire. He restored an old amphibious 
> ship to serve the imaginary North Dumpling navy. But when he proposed 
> to build a windmill to generate electricity, officials on the mainland 
> balked. The law requires a permit, they said.
> When Kamen pointed out that the law also required that the state 
> provide school bus service and trash collection for the island, 
> authorities backed off.
> "If you had your own island and you're 38 miles away from town, the 
> idea that you would have to ask somebody permission to build a 
> windmill is ridiculous," said Kamen.
> Kamen has never allowed anyone to put limits on what he could 
> accomplish.


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