[FoRK] Rambus European patent revoked

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Rambus shares (RMBS: news, chart, profile) shed $5.26, or 18 percent, to
$24.35 after saying the European Patent Office technical board of appeals
revoked one of its patents, which related to a technology called the "access
time register." Los Altos, Calif.-based Rambus said the decision does not
apply to its other European patents nor does it alter any of its domestic
patents. A written reason for the revocation is expected in four to six

(Robert - this isn't one of the patents that Infineon infringed on and is
going to be tried on in May, is it?)

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A EUROPEAN PATENT that Rambus was awarded has been revoked by the

The authorities don't give the reason, but it follows a complaint from
a whole batch of memory companies including Micron, Hynix and

All these companies were or are involved in litigation with Rambus.

The patent, EP 0 525 068 was granted Rambus in four member states of
what is now the European Patent Organisation in France, in Germany, in
the UK and in Italy.

The patent was maintained in amendment form, but appeals against
granting it were lodged between December 2002 and February 2003.

The news had a drastic effect on the RMBS share price, whioch stood at
$24.15 as we wrote this story, down a precipitous $5.46 on the day. µ

Sniff, sniff... ahh!  I luv the smell of napalm in the morning.

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