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Luis Villa louie at
Fri Feb 13 05:32:45 PST 2004

On Fri, 2004-02-13 at 08:24, Geege wrote:
> and i was so hoping this nation had learned its lesson regarding the
> whereabouts of presidential dick.  

If there was a lesson learned, it was 'make sure you are part of the
anonymous mob pursuing a sex fiend- if you're in front of the mob
they'll eat you alive too, but if you're anonymous you can continue
fucking whoever you want.'

> if only we had applied the same dogged
> determination to finding wmd . . .

Heh. WMD are nowhere near as important as the next election. Ever.

> obsession and the damage done.

Yeah. Though I have to say I'd be happier with an Edwards/Clark ticket
than a Kerry/anyone ticket- Kerry just seems to have a shit-ton of
baggage and no real message other than 'I'm a war hero', which isn't a
terrible message, but it isn't the drive-it-home 'Two Americas' tale
that Edwards tells, and Clark as VP would give the ticket the military
legitimacy it needs to be competitive with Mr. AWOL.


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> This was first in the Enquirer, but a friend with another campaign says
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