[FoRK] And therein lies the rub...

jbone at place.org jbone at place.org
Fri Feb 13 18:38:21 PST 2004


A. says:

> Even if it was a good idea for NPR and PBS, that doesn't make it a good
> idea for Fox News and Westwood One, which seem to have no problem
> funding their work themselves, and do little in the way of
> investigative journalism that adds to our political knowledge (with the
> possible exception of digging up dirt or figuring out how Max Cleland
> lost his limbs).

Not AT ALL wanting to be a left-wing apologist, but...  MMMHMMM.

Examining hypocrisy first-hand.

Bottom line, Aaron:  when you get into the business of deciding which 
opinions are appropriate and which are not, you've already lost the 
larger "liberal morality" game.  As a self-professed "liberal" it would 
be great if you understood that.  Unfortunately, you're following the 
pattern of a classically-programmed left-liberal, rather than that of a 
true libertarian.  Resist the Dark Side, Luke. :-)


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