[FoRK] Not in defense of Texans, but...

jbone at place.org jbone at place.org
Fri Feb 13 19:13:07 PST 2004

NB:  still trying to figure out why my fellow Texans manage to toe the 
line between entirely down-to-earth and psychopathic, but...

> Kind of all makes sense now, huh?  :-)
> Greg
> Dr. Robert J. Harley wrote:
> >>WMDs are sex.  Or haven't you guys seen Dr. Strangelove?
> >
> >
> > Ah-ha!  So now we know why born-again Texans are so concerned about
> > what they fantasize that Muslims might get up to when nobody's 
> looking.
> > Disgusting!  Pthth!  Spit!  While we're on the topic, remind me which
> > of Scheherezade's tales was about Hussein al-Tikriti sending envoys
> > to Nubia to acquire brimstone and U235 from Solomon's mines?
> >
> > R

The issue isn't born-agains (who I detest) or Texans (who I'm coming to 
detest as a group) but rather why a certain large part of society is 
becoming "so concerned about what they fantasize that Muslims might get 
up to when nobody's looking."  Almost ironically, the issue in the 
general populace isn't really related to any a priori political 
opinion, apparently, but rather a more rational dimension:  cf. Harold 
Bloom, who I quoted here well before 9/11.

Here's the problem:  confusion between global "culture war" and local 
"culture war."  Texans are local "culture warriors."  Anti-Islamic 
sentiment is "global" in the most general.  Not that that makes it a 
good thing...

But, in the micro, the issue is one level of indirection away from 
what's obvious in the above.  A large part of the current problem in 
the U.S. has nothing to do w/ Texan antipathy for Muslims (or, let's be 
blunt --- ARABS)  but rather ARAB opinion about TEXAN (positive) 
opinion about *certain ARABS.*

Put more directly:  Bashar BUSH isn't Bashar BONE.  Etc.


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