[FoRK] Turbo Tax IM Help

Gregory Alan Bolcer gbolcer at endeavors.com
Sun Feb 15 13:01:45 PST 2004

This is the first time I've used IM in a help setting.  I was happy that
I didn't have to wait 55 minutes on the phone just to talk to someone. 
I was a little disappointed that the level of help wasn't much
above a scripted response.   I did get my answer I needed though--when
I switched from turbotax basic to permier, it automatically ignored
the settings where I said I wanted to download a copy.   Instead
of telling me there's no downloads available, it went ahead and
processed the order, silently switching it to shipping/shipped.   This
24 hour delay from their web site to their customer service
stuff is a little odd.   
Please wait while we find an agent to assist you... 
You have been connected to D. Enid. 
D. Enid: Hello Greg, how may I help you today? 
Greg Bolcer: hi 
Greg Bolcer: I just purchased a copy of turbo tax 
Greg Bolcer: from the web site 
Greg Bolcer: I was expecting to purchase a download copy 
Greg Bolcer: but somehow it shows it's going to be shipped to me 
Greg Bolcer: can I change the order to be a downloaded copy? 
Greg Bolcer: I went back and can't seem to find where I can do that 
D. Enid: if I understand you correctly you have purchased a copy of Turbotax however you want to download it. Is this correct? 
Greg Bolcer: yes 
D. Enid: Do you have any order number. 
Greg Bolcer: I purchased the copy just now off of the intuit site 
D. Enid: Which turbotax program you purchased from the intuit web site. 
Greg Bolcer: Turbo Tax Premier 
D. Enid: I am sorry Greg, as you have ordered the product within an hour, it will be shown in our database only after 24 hours. As our database are updated after 24 hours. Therefore are requested to contact us after 24 hour. 
D. Enid: I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. 
Greg Bolcer: is there an online version available for purchase? 
Greg Bolcer: download version I mean 
Greg Bolcer: The order number shows up on "My Account" order status page 
D. Enid: Sorry Greg you can download the Turbotax premier. 
D. Enid: You can download only Turbotax Basic. 
Greg Bolcer: can or can't? 
D. Enid: I am sorry for the typo error. 
Greg Bolcer: okay, can I change my order to turbo tax basic then? 
D. Enid: For this you need to contact us after 24 hours. 
Greg Bolcer: On the Web site it says I can cancel the order 
Greg Bolcer: if I cancel the order now and then purchase basic Turbotax, that'll be available for download? 
D. Enid: Yes, you can cancel the order and you can download Turbo tax Basic. 
Greg Bolcer: why is it that I can cancel the order immediately from the Web site, but it takes 24 hours to contact customer support? 
D. Enid: Because we have some technical issue for it. Any order take 24 hours to update. 
Greg Bolcer: okay, thanks. 
D. Enid: Is there anything else I can assist you with today? 
Greg Bolcer: No, I appreciate the help 
D. Enid: You will be asked to complete a survey after this chat. One of the questions asks if I have completely resolved your issue today. Can we agree that the solution I’m providing will accomplish this for you? 
Greg Bolcer: sure, thanks 
D. Enid: It's been a pleasure chatting with you. Thank you for contacting Intuit. 
Greg Bolcer: cya  

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