[FoRK] [Cal-Fork] A few notes on Prop 57

Jim Whitehead ejw at cse.ucsc.edu
Wed Feb 25 17:30:50 PST 2004

Here in California, we're having a primary election next Tuesday, with fairly significant ramifications for the state's finances due to a number of ballot initiatives.

One of these, Prop 57, aims to shore up a $15B budget shortfall inherited from the Davis administration by issuing bonds. If this measure does not pass, the likely impact is significant across-the-board cuts in all state agencies, including the University of California, California State University, and California Community College system. 

As an employee of a UC, I can assure you that the results of such cuts would have a significant impact on the educational opportunities made available to students, and would have some impact on the capability of the university to perform research. Cuts will result in a reduction of offered classes, as well as significant reductions in administrative staff. Student fees will increase markedly, reducing the ability of some students to attend college. Cuts in course offerings are always a measure of last resort at UC, and budget cuts the past three years have not affected course offerings. There are already planned cuts to course offerings due to the budget cuts already on the books, and additional cuts will make this worse. Additionally, since state support doesn't cover the cost of educating students, UCSC will be reducing the number of students it admits, reducing educational access.

>From my vantage point, it would be more beneficial for UC to have Prop 57 pass, than for it to fail, and IMO, UC is a significant creator of wealth in the State of California.

- Jim

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