[FoRK] Fiscal 2004 Budget Cuts NIST Funding

jbone at place.org jbone at place.org
Wed Feb 25 12:45:34 PST 2004

All for budget cutting, but...

BTW, voted in the Texas primary yesterday, used a machine for the first  
time --- weirdness, it actually had a bizarre dial-wheel mechanism.   
Not sure what flavor the machine was...


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> From: Randy Zagar <jrzagar at cactus.org>
> Date: February 25, 2004 12:07:42 PM CST
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> Subject: [discuss] Fiscal 2004 Budget Cuts NIST Funding
> Please note that NIST was one of the Federal Agencies that was supposed
> to participate in developing security standards for electronic voting
> systems...
> -Randy
> p.s. This might also need to go out on ABORDC if it's appropriate
> (13 February 2004)
> The National Institute of Standards and Technology's (NIST) acting  
> chief
> of staff says that a $22 million budget cut in fiscal 2004 means that
> NIST will have to cut back "substantially" on its cyber security work
> as well as completely stop all work for the Help America Vote Act.
> NIST's Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) will also see
> significant cuts in staffing and other areas.
> http://www.govexec.com/news/index.cfm? 
> mode=report2&articleid=27658&printerfriendlyVers=1&

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