[FoRK] Sigh

jbone at place.org jbone at place.org
Thu Feb 26 10:27:06 PST 2004


> George Bush Sr. turned them away when he re-instated Jean-Bertrand 
> Aristide, Clinton
> turned them away when he sent US Naval ships as a show of force.  
> Jeff, do you completely
> believe that nothing ever happned before you read someone else's 
> opinion on it?  What
> it must be like to only live in one attention deficit moment 
> pretending policy never
> understanding the context of policy based government.

I criticize Bush, Greg attacks me.

C'mon, Greg, I thought we were off that tack.  We've already 
established that you can't discern my motives or intentions from my 
posts, why even bother trying to reverse-engineer my beliefs, etc.?  
Well aware of the history of the issue.  Criticizing Bush Jr. isn't 
letting Sr. or BC off the hook.  I was merely making a contrast to the 
position -wrt- Mexico.  Claro, mi amigo?


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