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Luis Villa louie at ximian.com
Thu Feb 26 11:20:05 PST 2004

On Thu, 2004-02-26 at 11:08 -0800, Gregory Alan Bolcer wrote:

> Ah, you know, I'm not above lobbing a few fireballs.
> I was just thinking I need to find my copy of scarface.
> I was just trying to point out that we have a long
> history or turning away boat people, *especially* in
> Florida.   The question I always as myself is
> "what's new" or "what's changed" before attributing
> credit or blame.

I don't think Greg presented the charge well, but he's totally right on
the facts- GHWB initiated the 'Haitians are less valuable than Cubans'
policy, Clinton campaigned against it in '92 but changed his mind on it
even before he was sworn in, and HW has only continued it. Speaking even
with my Cuban hat on[1] it's one of the most racist government policies
we have, but Bush is not really at fault for it, except that he has an
opportunity to overturn.

Personally, given the massive impact on Miami, and speaking as a
(former) Miamian, the policy should be 'no boat people from anywhere'
coupled with 'if we can go to war to overturn evil dictators in the
Middle East, why not the Carribean?' [And don't answer oil, I know that,
it's a rhetorical question.]


[1] I do think Fidel is pretty fucking evil, though I think the embargo
has been his greatest crutch for years.

> jbone at place.org wrote:
> > 
> > I criticize Bush, Greg attacks me.
> > 
> > C'mon, Greg, I thought we were off that tack.  We've already established 
> > that you can't discern my motives or intentions from my posts, why even 
> > bother trying to reverse-engineer my beliefs, etc.?  Well aware of the 
> > history of the issue.  Criticizing Bush Jr. isn't letting Sr. or BC off 
> > the hook.  I was merely making a contrast to the position -wrt- Mexico.  
> > Claro, mi amigo?
> > 
> > jb
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