[FoRK] RE: FoRK Digest, Vol 11, Issue 24

paul pt at remsset.com
Sun Feb 29 22:07:26 PST 2004

And why would you un-sub?

I'm new here.  I like this list.  It makes my head hurt..... er, makes me
think.   (though I think some of y'all are full of it.)

It's kinda like figuring out SSI and "stuff" like CGI and PHP (aka 4Images)
for my website.  Or how to incubate emu eggs.

It's fun.  Why go away?


   "I worry that the person who thought up Muzak may be
   thinking up something else."           --Lily Tomlin

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You did, which is why you did not receive a copy of FoRK Digest, Vol
11, Issue 24, nor of this message.

On Sunday, Feb 29, 2004, at 15:31 America/New_York, Julie H. wrote:

> I thought I unsubscribed a couple of weeks ago.

<really big snip right here>

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