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Kevin Elliott k-elliott at wiu.edu
Mon Mar 1 09:25:56 PST 2004

At 22:15 +0000  on  2/26/04, Russell Turpin wrote:
>>They do.  You don't remember the UCI fertility clinic
>>scandal?  They were set to destroy all thousands upon
>>thousands of frozen fertilized eggs, and they had a large
>>effort to get them to infertile couples in need. ..
>No, that's just another example of the innate hypocrisy
>of their views. They complain about hundreds of zygotes
>at a fertility clinic, because they oppose what's being
>done there. The same protestors have no concern at all
>about the hundreds of millions of zygotes lost naturally.

Oh please.  I don't think abortion should be illegal, but I also 
don't think failing to stop "the massive death toll" of unimplanted 
zygotes is hypocrisy.  Shall I list a couple reasons?

1) failing to stop a natural process that results in death is not in 
the same category as trying to prevent the deliberate actions of 
third parties that result in death.  To put it in simple terms: 
Suicide !=  Murder

2) Deciding which medical technology/advances to support is a 
question of economics and best outcome, not simply morality.  As you 
rightly pointed out, zygotes that fail to implant have a very high 
incidence of birth defect and thus less chance of life success. 
We're better off figuring out how to treat the birth defects of the 
babies that survive implantation, BEFORE we figure out how to 
increase implantation rates.  Perhaps the pro-lifer's should mourn 
those poor zygotes deaths, but they are probably making the moral 
choice by focusing on those children who managed to implant.  It's 
called triage.

...and I'm sure with a bit more effort I can dream up a few more... 
Your ideas might sound a bit more sensible if you used a little more 
thought and a bit less zealotry.
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