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Gregory Alan Bolcer gbolcer at endeavors.com
Mon Mar 1 10:33:40 PST 2004

I don't remember if this got FoRK'd or not.  I was
a little disappointed that seabiscuit and pirates
didn't win more last night at the academy awards.  I'm
glad that Nemo did.  In Seabiscuit, there's one photograph
of a classic luxury car with a guy who just lost eveyrthing
in the 1929 crash with a sign that says $100 will buy
this car.

This year's list of the top 10 most expensive cars of
2004 is below.  Two that are missing at the $450K SLR McClaren
and the 987 horsepower Bugatti Veyron.

I think the Enzo's are ugly compared to the 575M's.
The Saleen world headquarters are, where else, here
in Irvine.   Also, Carroll Shelby after being named
twice Sports Illustrated Driver of the year, won the
most amazing race ever in the history of motorsports
in Riverside, California, just a stone's throw from
here.  After spinning out the first lap in his Maserati,
he ended up winning the 100 mile race and lapped everyone
in the field.   Hell, racing's first lady, Shirley
Muldowney was the second top fuel driver ever to
top 250mph at our local (now defunct) Orange County
Raceway here in Irvine too.  She used to drive this ugly flat aluminum
welded box because she said the paint slowed the car
down before succumbing to her trademark hot pink dragster.
The "what's next" of racing was built every year in
Orange (and Riverside) counties.  There's probably a little
bit of Irvine in all of these cars and it's no surprise that
Ford's (who owns Jaguar and Aston Martin) Premier Automotive
(read performance) North American Headquarters
are right down the street too.


1. Ferrari Enzo Ferrari	$652,000
2. (tie) Porsche Carrera GT	$440,000
2. (tie) Saleen S7	$440,000
4. Maybach 62	$357,000
5. Rolls-Royce Phantom	$320,000
6. Lamborghini Murciélago	$282,000
7. Bentley Arnage RL	$256,990
8. Aston Martin V12 Vanquish	$236,000
9. Ferrari 575M Maranello	$228,339
10. Ferrari 360 Modena Spider	$193,150

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