[FoRK] Generation S.L.U.T. --- Meaningless sex! Rampant drug use! Teen debauchery!

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I was born a few years too early...


Meaningless sex! Rampant drug use! Teen debauchery!

In "Generation S.L.U.T.," 21-year-old Marty Beckerman blows the whistle  
on Gen Y, chronicling its sexual excesses and perversions.

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By Rebecca Traister


March 2, 2004  |  Last week, MTV Books/Pocket Books released  
"Generation S.L.U.T.," the second book by 21-year-old writer Marty  
Beckerman. And while his name may sound like that of a guy who tees off  
with your grandfather on the Coral Gables golf course, Beckerman is  
actually making his young living as the chief whistle-blower on his own  
Generation Y, chronicling its sexual excesses and perversions in  
extremely frank and intimate detail.

Beckerman grew up in Anchorage, Alaska, where he wrote his first book,  
"Death to All Cheerleaders: One Adolescent Journalist's Cheerful  
Diatribe to Teenage Plasticity," a collection of pieces from his column  
in the Anchorage Daily News, at 17. Now a contributor to the New York  
Press and a junior about to graduate early from American University,  
Beckerman was once named one of Teen People's "Ten Teenagers Who Will  
Change the World."

Perfect for those who don't remember a world without MTV, "Generation  
S.L.U.T." ("sexually liberated urban teens") is written in a graphic,  
chopped-up format that brightly hammers home its angry message again  
and again: that American teens are boffing like bunnies, and hating  
themselves and each other because of it.
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