[FoRK] PARC and ubiquity: The Obje Software Architecture

Meltsner, Kenneth Kenneth.Meltsner at ca.com
Tue Mar 2 11:56:33 PST 2004

Am I wrong in being somewhat underwhelmed by this announcement?  It
sounds useful enough, but there are key bits that point at the
difficulty of the task -- the metadata is oriented towards humans
instead of machines, the focus is end-user configuration/composition,
etc. instead of automated setup.  The support of a limited set of
interfaces sounds a lot like a fancier version of IUnknown.

The one technically aggressive idea is mobile code as a better form of
plugin -- "gee, I can support new encodings and protocols if someone
writes the code for them".  Hope the security model for Java prevents
the creation of malicious plug-ins: new devices or add-on protocols
might be a new worm propagation vector or spyware opportunity.

It's nice that PARC came up with standards for all of the bits and
pieces, but there's hardly anything new here.  And in the absence of a
killer feature, my general caution about mobile code doesn't make me
eager to try this one out.

Ken Meltsner

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