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and you thought i was excited when vw bought bentley! the bugatti is my
freaking destiny!

German/italian Gli driver (GG)

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Coming to an Xbox near you.....[1]
Actually the Koenigsegg CCR looks like
a Bugatti and the Pagani Zonda looks
like an Acura. (gasp!)  :-)

I wonder if they have California Emissions?
No dealers in North America.


[1] http://www.koenigsegg.com/news/index.asp?news=43&page=

Ian Andrew Bell wrote:

> Two major omissions from the list!
> Koenigsegg CC
> 4.7 liter 8 cylinder engine with 655 HP
> (Claim to fame:  Fastest Road-Legal Supercar in production)
> http://www.koenigsegg.com/
> Pagani Zonda
> 7.3 liter, 12 cylinder engine with 555 HP
> (Claim to fame:  Former Fastest Road-Legal Supercar in production)
> http://www.paganiautomobili.it/
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