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except that bentley IMPROVED with the deal, she said defensively.

Forbes Fact (2001)
It has been 71 years since a Bentley car even raced at Le Mans, but just
last week, on June 17, Bentley not only raced, but took a shocking third
place in the endurance event that was marred by torrential rains. The podium
finish for Team Bentley is all the more notable since the racers not only
had limited experience on the Le Mans road circuit, but hadn't practiced at
all in wet weather. The one advantage Bentley had, proved huge--its car was
Audi-powered (Volkswagen owns both Audi and Bentley), and Audi has dominated
the Le Mans circuit for two years straight, taking the top two spots once
again in this race. -- M.F.

Bentley Le Mans winners and new Continental GT in action at Goodwood (July
2, 2003)

Crewe - Bentley Motors is delighted to announce that both its triumphant
Speed 8 Le Mans prototypes will be seen in action at the Goodwood Festival
of Speed from Friday, July 11th to Sunday July 13th. The new Continental GT,
the fastest four seat coupe in the world, will also make its first UK
dynamic appearance in the Supercar Run - with five times Le Mans winner
Derek Bell at the wheel.

The battle-scarred Speed 8s that finished first and second in the French
classic race, cheered on by over 100,000 British fans, will make a number of
demonstration runs at Goodwood over the course of the three days. Le Mans
winner Guy Smith will be in the victorious number 7 car with David Brabham
driving the runner-up number 8 Bentley.

Neither car has been cleaned for Goodwood and they will appear exactly as
they were the minute they crossed the line at Le Mans at 4.00 p.m. on Sunday
15th June to earn Bentley it's sixth win in the world's greatest motor race
and its first for 73 years. Only champagne and tears of joy have washed away
any of the dirt!

The winning Bentley Speed 8 (driven in the race by Bentley Boys Tom
Kristensen, Dindo Capello and Guy Smith - the second placed team comprising
British F1 stars Johnny Herbert, Mark Blundell and David Brabham), has been
on an unique journey since that momentous and emotional moment. The day
after the race France was treated to an incredible spectacle - that of the
winning Bentley being driven down the Champs Elysees with Derek Bell at the

Bentley's two original vintage Blower Bentleys, one being driven by Chairman
and Chief Executive, Franz-Josef Paefgen, followed in convoy carrying the
triumphant six Bentley Boys.

The number 7 car was then transported to London to be guest of honour at a
victory dinner at the Savoy - simply getting it into the hotel took three
hours, the complete removal of the Savoy's famous revolving doors and the
construction of a special tool to tip the car through 45 degrees to get it
into the ballroom. When the original Bentley Boys celebrated their second
win in similar style in 1927, their 3 Litre Bentley was also guest of
honour, but cars were easier to disassemble in those days and the removal of
the wheels and axles enabled the car to take its seat without the hotel
doors being removed!

This now famous Bentley recently returned from a whistle-stop tour of Italy
with local hero Dindo Capello.

Those looking to see the 198mph Continental GT put through its paces for the
first time in the UK will also enjoy the sight and sound of the 560 PS coupe
rocketing up the hill. With a 0-60mph time of 4.7sec, permanent four wheel
drive, a twin-turbo, 6-litre W12 engine delivering almost as much power as
our racing car and Bell at its wheel, it is guaranteed to be one of the most
memorable participants at this year's Festival.


ve are superior!  vw gives new meaning to the aryan RACE!


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Geege wrote:

>  http://www.webwombat.com.au/motoring/news_reports/bugatti1.htm
>  and you thought i was excited when vw bought bentley!

You were?  Shame on you! Nazi!!!!

- Joe


Do ve even vant to know how happy he vas ven Diamler und Chrysler "merged"?


Yeah, I thought it was kinda cool when VW bought Bentley.  Can't be any
tackier than Ford buying Jaguar for Taurus parts.



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