[FoRK] Aramaic phrases of note and utility

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Wed Mar 3 13:50:11 PST 2004

Gotta love the Boingsters...



Aramaic phrases of note and utility

Here are some handy Aramaic phrases for those of us thinking of 
attending Mr Gibson's vanity film.

B-kheeruut re'yaaneyh laa kaaley tsuuraathaa khteepaathaa, ellaa Zaynaa 
Mqatlaanaa Trayaanaa laytaw!
It may be uncompromising in its liberal use of graphic violence, but 
Lethal Weapon II it ain't.

Een, Yuudaayaa naa, ellaa b-haw yawmaa laa hweeth ba-mdeetaa.
Yes, I'm Jewish, but I wasn't there that day.

Ma'hed lee qalleel d-Khayey d-Breeyaan, ellaa dlaa gukhkaa.
It sort of reminds me of Life of Brian, but it's nowhere near as funny.



PS - is this Aramaic, or freakin' Klingon?  I'm sorry, I just don't 
make enough phlegm for some of those languages...

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