[FoRK] What Is Human? Ugh...

Gregory Alan Bolcer gbolcer at endeavors.com
Wed Mar 3 17:37:57 PST 2004

Okay, plain english.

I was very careful to use the word 'you' and not
"those who favor choice".   I choiced the word
very carefully to reflect the content of your posts.

Life is a verb, not a noun.  To life: different
stages of pre-birth will life.

I think your numbers are fatally flawed when talking
about fertilized embryos and the statistics of loss.
Either that or your mother didn't do a very good job educating
you about birth control.

I think the "good samaritan" and "fetus protection"
crime laws have the same size, scope, and flavor as
your reducto ad absurdum argument about saving embryos.
Good samaritan laws actually represent an
interesting affirmative versus non-affirmative
argument about legal and moral obligation.

Personal privacy refers to the thought that anyone
can kill a fetus of any age until post-birth and
the government should stay out of it because it's
a private matter.

Pro-choice can't enter into a legitimate
debate on pre-birth humanity because they see any recognition
of it as a slippery slope to reverting back to pre-legal
abortion days.

Just because the world doesn't fit your world model doesn't
mean it's a false assumption.  There's plenty of legal cases that
make my argument for me.

So in order to prove my assumption false, maybe you (as one
who is arguing for "those who favor choice") can state what
stages you do recognize and what rights and recognitions you
give for each stage.


Russell Turpin wrote:
> That question should be taken out and shot. Or
> at least, reworded so that it makes some kind of
> sense.
> To the extent that I can parse a part of it, you
> seem to assume -- generally and falsely -- that
> those who favor choice make no distinctions
> in human development other than pre-birth and
> post-birth. Maybe in addition to wording the
> question so it makes sense, you can rid it of this
> false assumption.

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