[FoRK] What Is Human? Ugh...

Russell Turpin deafbox at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 3 18:26:44 PST 2004

Gregory Alan Bolcer:
>I think your numbers are fatally flawed when
>talking about fertilized embryos and the statistics of loss. Either that or 
>your mother didn't do a very good job educating
>you about birth control.

All the estimates I have read say that 30%
to 60% of fertilized eggs naturally fail to
implant, with the more recent estimates
trending on the higher side rather than the
lower. I don't know what you think that
has to do with birth control.

>I think the "good samaritan" and "fetus protection" crime laws have the 
>same size, scope, and flavor as your reducto ad absurdum argument about 
>saving embryos.

First, I have not made a reductio ad
absurdum argument in this thread. I pointed
out that pro-lifers, despite their rhetoric, do
NOT treat fertilized eggs with the same
respect they treat people. That's a simple
observation of hypocrisy, from those who
claim there is no moral distinction between
these. Second, I see no useful analogy
between that observation and the laws
you list.

>Pro-choice can't enter into a legitimate
>debate on pre-birth humanity because they see any recognition of it as a 
>slippery slope to reverting back to pre-legal abortion days.

Nonsense. Pro-choicers enter into such debates
all the time.

>Just because the world doesn't fit your world model doesn't mean it's a 
>false assumption.  There's plenty of legal cases that make my argument for 

What are you arguing, and what world view are
you imputing to me?

>Life is a verb, not a noun.  To life: different
>stages of pre-birth will life.

In the version of English I speak -- "life" is a
noun, and "live" is a verb. In the version of logic
I know, a reductio ad absurdum argument is
one of a particular form that I have not pressed
in this thread. In the version of biology I learned,
a large proportion of zygotes naturally fail to
implant. In the version of statistics I use, this
shouldn't have any significant impact on
anyone's birth control decisions.

>Okay, plain english.

Promises, promises.

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