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Gregory Alan Bolcer gbolcer at endeavors.com
Wed Mar 3 19:00:48 PST 2004

Russell Turpin wrote:

> All the estimates I have read say that 30%
> to 60% of fertilized eggs naturally fail to
> implant, with the more recent estimates
> trending on the higher side rather than the
> lower. I don't know what you think that
> has to do with birth control.

But what is the frequency?

Your mother should have taught you that some methods
of birth control prevent the egg from fertilizing and
others don't. Condoms for instance prevent the sperm
from contacting the egg.  Birth control pills
prevent the egg from being released.  IUDs prevent
the egg, fertilized or nor, from implanting.

You are making the argument that there is a large
class of fertilized eggs that didn't implant. Further
you are making the argument that they should have
the same concerns, rights, and recognitions as
a viable fetus.

> First, I have not made a reductio ad
> absurdum argument in this thread. I pointed
> out that pro-lifers, despite their rhetoric, do
> NOT treat fertilized eggs with the same
> respect they treat people. That's a simple
> observation of hypocrisy, from those who
> claim there is no moral distinction between
> these. Second, I see no useful analogy
> between that observation and the laws
> you list.

Yes, that's part of the problem.  You are making
the argument that there should be some affirmative
action on the part of "pro-lifers".  You made the
reducto ad absurbum argument pro-lifers concerned
with a viable fetus should also be concerned
with non-viable ones also.   To me, it means you
can't tell the difference between the two.

> Nonsense. Pro-choicers enter into such debates
> all the time.

Cite one or more public policy debates that hasn't
degraded into demagoguery.

> What are you arguing, and what world view are
> you imputing to me?

That a pro-life person should by your logic
be concerned with non-viable fetuses at the
same level as viable ones, and not doing so
is hypocrisy in your world view.

>> Life is a verb, not a noun.  To life: different
>> stages of pre-birth will life.
> In the version of English I speak -- "life" is a
> noun, and "live" is a verb. 

Um...not sure what to say to this other than
your comprehension skills suck.  *I* used it as a verb
in my sentence.  You are trying to arguing that I used it
as a noun?  I have half a dozen dictionaries at home
that have a language rules section at the beginning
or end that are on my side of the ring on this.

Your world view must only include the Scrabble Dictionary
and not Mr. M. Webster, Mr. R. House, Mr. C. Oxford,
Mr. A. Heritage, Mr. Johnson, Mr. Funk & Mr. Wagnall,
Mr. Cassell, nor the Devil's own.

I'm still very interested if you personally distinguish
between different stages of fetuses during pregnancy and
what rights and recognitions they deserve in each stage.

> Promises, promises. 



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