[FoRK] ... guarantee house values / ... statisticians ...

Dave Long dl at silcom.com
Thu Mar 4 10:12:14 PST 2004

> Wyland would be spinning in his grave. 

I ran into him doing a wall at Jazz Fest
not too long ago, and didn't notice any
odor of decay or shuffling gait; current
voodoo reanimators must be pretty good.

Somewhere there's got to be a town that
needs a Lovecraft meets Wyland pastiche.
Zombie Mutant Whales!  Now, *there's* a
market waiting to be tapped.

(looks like Mad Magazine is taking ads
now.  Did Gaines sell out, or does he
figure that the video game people won't
ever accuse him of being in poor taste?)


:: :: ::

> Their preliminary data suggest that a coin will land the same way it 
> started about 51 percent of the time. It would take about 10,000 tosses 
> before a casual observer would become aware of such a small bias, 

Say one knows for certain that a bet
will win with odds of 51%, but there
are parties offering even payouts.

A) what is the optimal fraction of
   one's stake to bet per flip?
B) what is the expected return?

(what if the game were only available
once a quarter -- how long is "in the
long run"?)

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