[FoRK] What Is Human? Ugh...

Russell Turpin deafbox at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 4 19:11:04 PST 2004

Kevin Elliott:
>BY DEFINITION, an unviable fetus has a set of birth
>defects significantly worse than the most defective children that are born 
>today. ..

While some of the zygotes that fail to implant carry
defects that would present if they were to implant,
(a) there's no reason to think that is the case for
most of them, and (b) there's no reason to think
that those defects would be fatal in most cases.
In other words, it is the failure to implant that
ITSELF is the cause of non-viability. Pro-lifers raise
a stink about zygotes that are in vitro. So why do
they show so little concern about the ones that
are already in vivo?

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