[FoRK] Web access to my IMAP mail server

Elias Sinderson elias at cse.ucsc.edu
Thu Mar 4 22:04:04 PST 2004

Ian Andrew Bell wrote:
> [...] You should just get geekmail.  :) 
> Barring that option, try HORDE/IMP.

Ah yes, geekmail... but can I yank out the hot swap disks and vigorously 
smash them with an obscenely large magnet when the feds are at my front 
door? You see, there's something very satisfying about having your own 
server(s) in your own crawlspace...  :-)

So, SquirrelMail and HORDE/IMP were both been mentioned, but I have yet 
to see a good comparison of their respective features. BTW, is this it, 
or are they simply the frontrunners in this area? I can't seem to find 
much more on the web, but I'll readily admit to not digging very deeply. 
If no such thing exists, I'll probably set them both up and write up the 
comparison myself...


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