[FoRK] What Is Human? Ugh...

Gregory Alan Bolcer gbolcer at endeavors.com
Fri Mar 5 06:07:28 PST 2004

Yes Russell, you may have the job checking all the discarded
tampons to check for fertilized eggs.  
There, does that solve it? 

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	Gregory Alan Bolcer:
	>There's two ways an egg gets fertilized.  Intentional and unintentional.
	>So, either there's a lot of couples out there trying to make babies where
	>the egg didn't implant or a lot of irresponsible people not using birth
	>control. ..
	There is a lot of both. In essence, for all the cases
	where pregnancy detectably presents, you can
	extrapolate a fertilized egg that failed to implant.
	>>It is the "pro-lifers" who claim this [that zygotes are people]. I merely
	>>point out that they don't act in a manner consistent with that. My
	>>argument is that this makes them hypocrites. Note that there is no
	>>reductio ad absurdum involved in this argument.
	>So, you are saying because they can discriminate
	>between different stages including when something is detectable and private
	>and you cant', YOU see them as hypocrites.
	No, I'm not. Those issues simply don't enter into
	this the way you think. Prolifers are adamant --
	BY THEIR OWN PRECEPTS -- that every zygote
	they produce IS a person, deserving all the
	protection and nourishment and respect that
	they grant every other member of their family.
	I'm merely pointing out that they don't act
	according to their own precepts. If you can
	explain how privacy concerns would cause a
	pro-lifer to treat as inconsequential something
	that -- BY THEIR OWN PRECEPTS -- they
	should view as one of their own children,
	please do so.
	For what I hope is the last time, this isn't about
	how I view zygotes or how you view zygotes.
	It isn't about legal issues. I don't know how to
	be much more clear than that.
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