[FoRK] Stupid Intuit Take II

Gregory Alan Bolcer gbolcer at endeavors.com
Sun Mar 7 16:34:41 PST 2004

It turns out that I've been getting this "Load Error 539" with
my turbotax product.  It turns out that you can't open last
year's tax returns using this year's software for some reason. 
That means that in order to do an efile that requires your
adjusted gross income as a esignature, you can't get that
information out of the file.    Intuit's tech support page says
that you have to order a previous product to proceed.  
How stupid is that? 

How do I resolve the message "Fatal Error Loading Data File: Load Error 539 in SYYYYUS1440PER" when attempting to start TurboTax?

Note: In this error message, YYYY is replaced by a 4-digit year (for example, S1999US1440PER).

This error occurs when using the incorrect tax year product to open a tax return. For example, when attempting to open a tax year 1999 return using TurboTax 2002, the message "...Load Error 539 in S1999US1440PER" will appear.

To prevent this issue, always use the correct tax year product to open an existing tax return. Intuit stocks TurboTax products for the last seven years; please contact a live agent to order past-year products.

If TurboTax persistently attempts to open the incorrect tax year file when started, choose Open Tax Return from the TurboTax File menu, navigate to the correct .tax file, and then click Open. The next time you start TurboTax, it will "remember" to open the correct tax return.

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