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Sun Mar 7 20:25:40 PST 2004

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> From: Ian Andrew Bell <hello at ianbell.com>
> Date: March 7, 2004 8:20:32 PM PST
> To: info at graphsim.com
> Cc: jeff.morgan at graphsim.com, Ron.Johnson at apple.com, sales at graphsim.com
> Subject: F/A-18 Hornet...
> I have purchased Graphic Simulation's F/A-18 product in all its 
> various forms for nearly a decade.  I've probably purchased the 
> various games in your Hornet franchise 5 or 6 times and find that 
> F/A-18 KOREA is probably the most enduringly great flight simulator 
> out there.
> I recently purchased a brand new Powerbook G4 1.25, with 1GB RAM and 
> accelerated graphics, with a 7,200RPM hard disk.  Marching around the 
> Apple Store in SOHO I was enticed to buy F/A-18 today, yet again, and 
> was so excited about the prospect of rolling and diving in my Hornet 
> from the comfort of my hotel room that I didn't bother to look closely 
> at the box.
> When I got back, I was shocked when the installer invoked MacOS 
> Classic to install.  Then I noticed on the box that Hornet proudly 
> supports 3Dfx, a company and technology which no longer even exists.  
> Soon I realized that this was exactly the same box I purchased in 1999 
> for my G3 PowerMac, and was unchanged since I bought it for my Windows 
> 95 workstation in early 1998.  I had naturally thought, as would any 
> logical person, that since it was in the Apple Store that it was 
> updated to support OSX, since Apple doesn't ship a single computer 
> anymore that runs OS9 exclusively.
> Of course, this is not the case.  How disappointed was I to find out 
> that it was the same old version?  Very.  I ventured to your web site, 
> seeking any updates.. and downloaded v1.2.  I noticed upgraded shading 
> and texture maps, but no functional improvements.  And no native OSX 
> support.
> Now, Hornet 3.0 KOREA is a great game -- truly great.  And I'm not 
> alone in saying that, as some quick googling verified.  But I can't 
> play it on my ultra-high-performance Powerbook for two reasons:
> - There's too much emulation:
>   OSX emulating OS9 emulating OpenGL is just too many layers and the 
> frame rate is miserable.  And if anyone instant messages me or sends 
> me an email during play, the entire game grinds to a halt.
> - No Assignable Keys.
> With the current (fixed) key map, which is clearly designed for a 
> desktop PC's extended keyboard, playing on a notebook is impossible.  
> I am not sure if you've ever tried to play the game on a notebook, but 
> hitting the NumLock key so that I can switch between operating the 
> wing flaps and elevator, and adjusting the throttle and flaps, makes 
> those carrier landings pretty tricky.  And god help me if my thumb 
> brushes the trackpad -- instant nose-over.
> I feel misled by Apple, which really shouldn't sell OS9 applications 
> in its own store anymore as it is supposed to be leading the 
> industry's charge to OSX.  I feel similarly disappointed by your 
> company, Graphic Simulations, which has been milking this acclaimed 
> title which appears to have been frozen in time since the Paleolithic 
> era.
> I appreciate that you are a small, independent developer, but I think 
> it's time for Graphic Simulations to thaw out the team that created 
> this hit and update it for the current millenium.
> I also CC'ed Ron Johnson, who is responsible for the Apple Stores 
> worldwide, because I don't think it's appropriate to discourage you 
> from doing so by offering your current ancient version for sale in 
> Apple's stores.
> I love your product, I just wish I could play it.
> -Ian.
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