[FoRK] re: The Semi-Annual Political Compass Test

jbone at place.org jbone at place.org
Mon Mar 8 15:58:56 PST 2004

Turpin sez:

> Yeah, it is a bit of a worry when a friend
> starts to creep up the Y axis. I might
> have to take Jeff out for a sail, for some
> Y-axis lowering. ;-)

Half a point of drift isn't bad.  I don't know what dings me on the 
Y-axis, but I suspect it's my response to questions about crime and 
punishment.  I think being anti-rehab and pro-death penalty probably 
pushes me higher up Y than I would otherwise be, and minor differences 
between agree-strongly agree and disagree-strongly disagree on some of 
those probably account for a fair bit of jitter on that dimension.  
Even so, -5ish is pretty seriously down in anarchist land anyway.

I think you can be for harsh penalties and still not be a statist.  I 
note that the test doesn't accommodate the idea that the test subject 
could be for individually-adjudicated and administered death 
penalties... ;-)  :DUCKS!


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