[FoRK] re: The Semi-Annual Political Compass Test

Gregory Alan Bolcer gbolcer at endeavors.com
Mon Mar 8 18:16:21 PST 2004

Actually, I think I'm right in the middle of Wesley Clark, Howard
Dean, and John FN Kerry, but I'd never vote for any of them.



jbone at place.org wrote:

> G. sez:
>> You just need to get a better search engine--that or learn
>> how to use Google better.
> I just types 'em like I feels 'em. ;-)
>> http://lair.xent.com/pipermail/fork/2003-July/023486.html
> Yes, well, that's not very useful or informative, is it?  But you oblige:
>> Economic Left/Right: 3.00
>> Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: 0.15
> Aha!
> So let's see:  you're more of a socialist than I am (by which I mean 
> further to the left on Economic Left/Right) *AND* more of a fascist 
> (meaning not only higher up the scale, but up and out of the entire 
> lower half, albeit ever so slightly.)  Very enlightening!
> P.J. O'Rourke?  Not hardly.  (And I wonder if your failure is in 
> understanding O'Rourke, or understanding yourself. ;-)  I wonder why you 
> voted for Harry Browne?  No, strike that, no wonder --- with your 
> apparent rampant confusion about ideological terms, political positions, 
> etc. as evidenced above, you probably thought Harry Browne 
> ("Libertarian") stood for, I dunno, expansive military imperialism, 
> abortion prohibition, Constitutional amendments to prohibit gay 
> marriage, stepping up the drug war, etc...
> But the positive authoritarian score definitely explains your affinity 
> for Jackboot George Jr.  Hell, he's a quadrant-mate!  (Not that Kerry is 
> anywhere but there, too, but at least he's lost in the statistical noise 
> around the origin, by the test-makers' estimation anyway.)
> The take-away from all of this, Greg?  Call me a loon all you want.  
> Just don't call me a socialist loon or a fascist loon.  (I wouldn't 
> mind, for example, "goddamned fucking anti-social knee-jerk 
> anti-establishment reactionary anarchist punk" --- that would sound 
> about right coming from you.)
> Anyway, thanks.  Muchas gracias.
> Mine is,
> jb
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