[FoRK] Trade deficit reaches new record, and suggested solutions

Gregory Alan Bolcer gbolcer at endeavors.com
Wed Mar 10 10:54:17 PST 2004

The most intersting one I saw was housing vouchers
as a way to get rid of rent control.   I really like
that idea and had never heard it before.  Kind of a
meta-market compromise.


jbone at place.org wrote:

> The real root problem here is that the currency market --- like any 
> other market --- isn't perfectly efficient.  A secondary problem is the 
> distorting effect of centralized monetary policy.  A tertiary problem is 
> the weird nature of bonds.  Pure currency derivatives are better.  
> Should we do away with bonds?  (The pure Lib answer is, I would think:  
> of course.  In fact, get rid of national currencies entirely.  But then 
> the question merely shifts to private currencies.)
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