[FoRK] Trade deficit reaches new record, and suggested solutions

Gregory Alan Bolcer gbolcer at endeavors.com
Thu Mar 11 11:12:28 PST 2004

It's like immigration right?  It's all about having convenient
access to low cost, blue collar workers in a high cost area.


paul wrote:

> Not bitching.  But why should I pay someone's rent with my tax dollars?  With
> my hard earned money?
> I figure you can afford where you live or you move to someplace you can
> afford.  That might be a van down by the river.  It's not my problem.  Yer
> suppose to be grown up, act it, stop asking for a handout.
> As for poor Mr. Landlord, Oh, you can't rent that house?  But you still have
> to pay the evil mortgage company?  Tough.
> I've been on both sides, sometimes it is no fun.  But that's the breaks.  I
> call it "life".
> Seems simple to me.
> paul
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> Because, if you've ever looked at an HUD loan, they
> are overly bureacratic on rules so that the seller is highly
> dis-incentivized.  Also they have limits on what types of
> dollar amounts they can write loans for.  This would be
> a perfect way of breaking the artifical market which is
> rent control.
> I'm sure you can call up the CEO of Rent Control Inc.(TM)
> and tell him that you've come up with that revolutionary
> new idea and get him to do something about it.
> You can sit around and bitch about it or you can take
> keep bending it in half until it actually breaks.
> Greg
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