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either/or fallacy.  repubs should patent it.

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Geege: vouchers are to rent what insurance is to medical costs.

Johnhall: yes.  But you also need to note that vouchers *instead of*
rent control is like subsidized insurance *instead of* socialized

The issue is whether vouchers would be worse than rent control, and the
answer is no.  Vouchers have some of the problems of rent control but
not all of them.

From: "Russell Turpin" <deafbox at hotmail.com>

John Hall:
>The recession we are just coming out of hit a peak of 6.3% and is now
>5.6%.  Incidentally, the BLS actually uses two different surveys. The 
>official numbers come from asking businesses how many people they
>the other one asks people if they have a job. ..

I think it is the other way around. The second determines
the unemployment rate. The first determines the number
of jobs.

Ok, I did get them backward.  The household survey is the unemployment

Where I got confused was that apparently a lot of economists have
focused on the business report rather than the household survey.  But
the divergence tends to indicate that the business report is too
pessimistic, presumably because many of the jobs are in new businesses.


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