[FoRK] More on Kass-gate: Blackburn in NEJM

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Fri Mar 12 14:00:21 PST 2004

There's nothing the Luddites on the right won't do, nothing they won't 
sacrifice to preserve their religiously-induced delusions and the 
attendant moral "norms"...

Via >Htech:


The New England Journal of Medicine has electronically "pre-released" an
article by Elizabeth Blackburn (somewhat similar to the comments she
made in the Washington Post, as posted here by Alta Charo.) This a
relatively rare practice on the journal's part (if nothing else, it
gives free access to non-subscribers, thus they are actually forgoing
some possible revenue), so the editors are doing their best to show how
important they believe this issue to be.

Perspective: Bioethics and the Political Distortion of Biomedical
	E. Blackburn

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