[FoRK] Fwd: Vast Differences in Compensation.doc

Russell Turpin deafbox at hotmail.com
Sun Mar 14 12:40:25 PST 2004

>First, where did I say compensating murder victims?

You didn't. You said (a) that anti-terrorism belongs
to the federal government, which is true, that
therefore (b) the federal government should
compensate the survivors of terrorist victims.

I'm questioning the rationale in this. It seems to
be something like: (1) if combatting some
misbehavior X is the duty of the government, then
(2) the government should compensate those
who are killed by that misbehavior. I pointed out
that few people hold to this rationale with regard
to state governments and crime, since that
questions why we should hold it with regard to
the federal government and terrorism.

I apologize if I incorrectly inferred your rationale.

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