[FoRK] Ugh. "Don't Feed The Terrorists!"

Owen Byrne owen at permafrost.net
Mon Mar 15 06:25:59 PST 2004

jbone at place.org wrote:

> Fuck, this is precisely what you DON'T want to have happen!  The 
> problem is, of course, that in a world of asymmetric power terrorism 
> (when it elicits this kind of response) is the only way for the weaker 
> player to project force!  Goddamn, don't feed the terrorists!
> -- 
>     http://jrobb.mindplex.org/2004/03/14.html#a4431
> Spain is coerced by al Qaeda
>  Wow!  The bombing in Madrid completely reversed the elections in 
> Spain today.  The Socialists (who want to withdraw from Iraq) won by a 
> substantial margin.  Prior to the bombing, the Popular Party was 
> ahead.  This is a tangible terrorist victory.  Of course, this is 
> blood in the water for terrorists.
> I was clearly wrong in estimating the impact of this attack due to 
> some unique factors:  the government's prevarication regarding the 
> perpetrators, the extremely high public sentiment against the war in 
> Iraq, and the rapidity of the elections after the attack.
> Working on what this means over the longer term.  Will post that 
> thinking tomorrow.
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Actually it is my personal theory that the only way you stop terrorists 
is to give them a seat at the table. Worked in Quebec, worked in 
Ireland. Terrorists have wonderful pure principles (Ireland for the 
Irish! Vive Le Quebec Libre!) and the best way to demolish them is to 
involve them in the political process. Its not so easy
to be pure ideologically when you have constituents and their opinions 
to deal with.

Not to mention that getting bogged down in Iraq has probably defanged 
the greatest terrorist of them all.


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