[FoRK] Ugh. "Don't Feed The Terrorists!"

Ian Andrew Bell fork at ianbell.com
Mon Mar 15 06:40:54 PST 2004

On 14-Mar-04, at 8:41 PM, Christopher Herot wrote:

> It also illustrates the folly of waiting for "international consensus" 
> before taking action, if each of our potential partners can be 
> intimidated or thinks they can cut their own deal.  An extreme example 
> of this is the way the Saudis thought they could buy peace by funding 
> the Wahabi's.

This is true in the geopolitical sense, but if you're going to go it 
alone you'd bloody well better be right, or there will be blood on your 
hands.  This is clearly the case with America today, since the 
coalition this time around is viewed with skepticism, and it's becoming 
common knowledge that the conflict was agenda-based and not a policing 
action, as it theoretically was in 1990.

> Of course we funded Osama and Sadam when they served our purposes.  
> Just think how different the world would be today if we had just 
> waited for Communism to collapse on its own instead of installing 
> right-wing dictatorships all over the world.

If you believe guys like Curtis LeMay, the US should have just built 
more bombers, missiles, tanks, and submarines, forcing the Soviet 
economy to collapse under the weight of its military spending.  I think 
this is folly.  Most people think that asymmetric warfare started on 
9/11, however the Soviets clearly laid the groundwork for this in the 
1950s in Korea, Cuba, Poland, Vietnam, etc.

I agree with Rumsfeld (shudder) when he says that in the intelligence 
game sometimes ya gotta deal with some unsavory characters because they 
help you to achieve your goals.  But when they step out of line, the US 
has to be more decisive about tearing them apart.  Although it's not 
clear to me that, up until this Spanish lapse into Socialism, anything 
Bin Laden has achieved does anything but support the fanatical 
right-wing expansionist agenda in America.

I've coined the phrase "Iso-American Imperialism" here:


...most of what I said there, I believe, is bearing out to be true.  
But while the Religious Right is supporting Iso-American Imperialism, 
it has added its own layer of context in hoping aloud for another 


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