[FoRK] Versioned Literate Aspect-Oriented Programming

Stephen D. Williams sdw at lig.net
Mon Mar 15 07:13:38 PST 2004

I definitely want to see what you come up with.

Extreme/Agile makes the assumption that you would refactor rather than 
add aspects.  I see a need for both; only good foresight can make room 
for the latter.


James Tauber wrote:

>As I've been developing my first Eclipse GEF (Graphical Editor Framework)
>application, I've been thinking about turning it into a tutorial. I
>immediately wondered if it might be a great project for literate
>I could write a web and then tangle it to generate the GEF application
>and weave it to get the tutorial. But as features are incrementally added
>to the application over the course of the tutorial, conventional literate
>programming might not be enough. At the very least, some kind of
>versioning would need to be included. 
>But then it occurred to me that it's perhaps best thought of not just as
>a versioning issue but as an aspect-oriented one. For example, if step
>four of the tutorial is adding undo support then that would involve not
>only new classes but the insertion of code at points in existing methods. 
>Anyone come across anything like this before?

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