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The (excellent) C4 news update on Spain's election.

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Subject: "One cannot bomb by chance, one cannot lead a war with lies"

Good afternoon, Jon Snow here from the Channel 4 Newsroom.
"One cannot bomb by chance, one cannot lead a war with lies"

Sorry for the break in my end of the service, I was in Madrid Thursday
and Friday and it was chaotic, couldn't even get a mobile phone signal
at times. Remarkable times - that a Spanish leader should be the first
to break ranks with George Bush's coalition of the willing.

Elected in a stunning victory over the right-wing governing People's
Party, here's what the new Premier says tonight: "One cannot bomb by
chance, one cannot l ead a war with lies." He's also pulling his troops
out of Iraq.

Does Spain's Prime Minister speak an uncomfortable truth? Indeed, has
our war on Iraq made us even more unsafe?

The people in Spain have spoken, and they also may have indicated a truth.
It does not seem that bombs changed votes, but lies. Aznar the departing
Prime Mini ster was ringing newspaper editors to convince them of ETA's
culpability at the same time that his intelligence people were telling him
it was Islamic-derived. What the bombers did do was to provoke a high
turn-out of wayward socialists who normally would not bother to vote.

Why was ETA held culpable at the UN?  

We also ask how the UN was duped into voting for a resolution naming ETA
just a few hours after the bombings in Madrid. Was there a degree of
British and American duplicity in helping Aznar to try to make it look
like an ETA incident? If the UN process can't stand up to such pranks in
so dangerous a time, what hope is there for any of us?

Al-Qaeda connections and anti-terror measures

We're looking at the connections of the arrested Moroccans in Madrid with
al-Qa eda supsects here and in Spain already under lock and key. And we
look at new m easures to protect the London Underground. As Poland
promises to make good Spai n's departure from Iraq, is Warsaw next for
al-Qaeda's grim messengers?

We discuss all this with Ken Loach, anti-war candidate in the upcoming
Euro-elections, Michael Portillo, former Defence Secretary and Emma
Bonino, former EU Commissioner from Italy.

And we will be polling you on the question posed by Spain:
Do you think Britain 's involvement in the War on Iraq has
reduced or increased the likelihood of a terrorist attack on
Britain or British interests? To find out more, visit http:

A defining time in global affairs. We're on at seven, see you then,
best wishes as ever

Jon Snow.

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