My run for Congress (was: [FoRK] Ugh. "Don't Feed The Terrorists!")

Russell Turpin deafbox at
Mon Mar 15 10:29:20 PST 2004

Owen Byrne:
>Don't get to vote - they haven't extended the franchise to Canada yet for 
>voting in the US.

When I run for US Congress, my platform will
have two planks, the first of which will be
integration with Canada. You get the first
amendment. We get to live and work in

My second plank is that the change to daylight
savings time, which is soon to come, will occur
at 4pm Friday. Instead of shorting you on
Saturday night, there will be a national one-
hour holiday as offices close and everyone
takes off at 4pm/5pm, to celebrate the first
official weekend of spring. The fall change
will continue as it is, so that you get one
night a year of extra sleep.

How can I lose?

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