[FoRK] Kerry Tax Fallacy, and, the Ultimate Check-And-Balance

jbone at place.org jbone at place.org
Mon Mar 15 11:25:29 PST 2004

A bit of ruminating...

I find it amusing that the GOP is trying to use FUD over taxes against 
Kerry.  This is highly ironic on lots of levels, just three of which 
I'll mention.

First, Bush Jr. signed off on the largest increase in lifetime 
per-capita tax burden of Americans in any equivalent historical period 
by never saying no to a spending bill.  And the GOP-dominated Congress 
has to take its share of this blame, too.  Despite the nominal tax 
reductions and manipulation of brackets and refunds, the bottom line is 
that tax deferred is tax nonetheless, and increased spending equals 
increased taxes.  GOP:  solely guilty.

Second, it's funny that they are painting Kerry as the guy that's going 
to raise taxes, when in fact the President has no authority to do so by 
himself.  He just signs the bills.  If we get a tax hike in '04-'08 
under Kerry, then sure --- he'll have to take the blame for signing it. 
  But Congress should share in the blame, too.  Kerry:  guilty if it 
happens, but GOP:  at least as guilty.

If we have the kind of nominal tax increase the GOP is whining about, 
presuming fiscal responsibility --- it's highly ironic that it will 
largely go to retroactively fund the wild GOP-driven spending orgy of 
the last 3ish years.  GOP:  guilty.

And that leads us to...  the Ultimate Check-And-Balance!


Perpetual apologists for the misadministration du jour constantly whine 
(in excusing the economic miasma we find ourselves in) that a President 
cannot have any impact on the economy.  As noted before, I thoroughly 
disagree with this;  but even assuming it's true --- what about the 
pairing of Congressional control and control of the Oval Office?

Neither can do anything without the other.  When partisan control is 
diametrically split between the two, you get stasis, moderation, and 
generally non-activist government.  And that's a good thing!  When 
they're the same, you get alignment, partisan zone-of-unreality 
delusional views and actions (the dogs eating their own propaganda 
dogfood) and an overall unconstrained surge of partisan activism.  Bad 

The ultimate check and balance in our system is to make sure that the 
party that controls Congress does not control the White House.  When 
those two are squabbling, the market and our people can be left alone 
to do what they do.  And the country flourishes!  Otherwise you get --- 
well, the kind of crap we've been mired in for 3 years.


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