[FoRK] Jobs picture from Economic Policy Institute

J. Andrew Rogers andrew at ceruleansystems.com
Mon Mar 15 16:08:22 PST 2004

Jeff Bone wrote:
> NB, full disclosure:  yes, EPI is a hotbed of seething progressivism.  
> But the data's the data, and the decline relative to other "recoveries" 
> stands on its own and rests on the very BLS stats James mentioned...

More of the same.  This is just a more detailed version of the generic
"jobless recovery" assertion that the media is stuck on.  It cherry
picks individual sub-items out of sub-sections and then tries to weave a
story of doom and gloom out of it that isn't supported by the documents.

Most people won't read these government reports, not even people like
Reaser, because they have far better things to do with their time. 
Hell, I only read these documents because I was looking for some
tangentially related demographic data and was willing to wade for it. 
These things are long, boring, and tedious. As a result, most people
just parrot what they hear, and it is obvious that the media doesn't
bother checking the facts on things that fit with their preconceived

The "job debacle" is just another meme bomb, kind of like the bit about
the US selling chemical/biological weapons to Iraq.  Make an
authoritative sounding assertion, point to an enormous stack of deadly
boring government documents as your "proof", and walk away.  It seems
that nobody ever bothers to actually check to see if the documents
contain what is claimed.

Which is just one more reason why the media is useless.  They love to be
spoon-fed spin when it agrees with whatever they want to believe, on
both sides of the aisle.  I'll assume the BLS data in its entirety is
authoritative for now, until I have a reason to believe otherwise.

j. andrew rogers

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