[FoRK] Making JR an offer... this should be fun, and we should learn something.

jbone at place.org jbone at place.org
Mon Mar 15 19:12:12 PST 2004

Tell you what, James...  since you seem either incapable or unwilling 
to support any of your vague "refutations" --- I'll do it for you.  If 
you can clearly and concisely state any one single, *quantitative* 
assertion in any of the previous job-related posts that you claim is 
refuted by the BLS data --- I'll go and hunt down the data and we'll 
determine the truth or falsehood of the assertion (and your refutation) 
on the basis of the data.

Then we'll either know for sure that you're the ponderous bullshit 
artiste that at least a few of us think you are, or I'll concede the 
point, eat my dish of crow, and stop tormenting you to offer SOME 
(any!) kind of direct support for your various utterances around here.

Doesn't get any simpler or fairer or less contentious than that, bro.  
You don't have to do anything but be clear about *one* thing you're 
taking issue with, and I'll do the rest of the legwork.

Prediction:  you're not going to put up, because if you do your 
credibility's blown.  But it's rather pointless not to play, because 
your credibility's mostly blown already.


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